Cinema Advertising

Why Cinema?

When it comes to cost-effective promotional methods which offers a solid return on investment, then cinema advertising is a fantastic option.  Firstly, you can piggyback on the box office success and present your brand to an audience which is ready to consume media as they wait for the movie to start.  Audiences are ready and willing to be immersed and captivated by the video so give them an ad worth talking about!

How effective is cinema advertising?

Cinema advertising had proven to be more than eight times more effective at making your brand stand out from the crowd than television advertising.

Every time your ad is shown, it plays to a totally captive audience of locals. Cinema ads are usually 15 or 30 second video spots, however they can also be up to 60 seconds long.

You have several options when it comes to designing the ad content:  you can use a single image with music or voice overs to draw attention to the ad, or you may incorporate animated content. This allows you to showcase your business to the locals at an affordable price.

No Distractions

Where else do you get the opportunity to capture your audience’s attention without any other distractions? Cinema advertising provides a unique uncluttered media environment that doesn’t compete with TV remotes, phones or outside distractions. It speaks straight to your engaged audience on a big screen with the best viewing and sound quality.

The Right Audience

Cinema advertising is the simplest way to get in front of your target audience as the ads are screened to a targeted demographic group who generally live within a 10km radius of the theatre. Your advertisement will reach and be seen by your most valuable local audience group who are close to purchasing point since most theatres are in the malls or nearby.

Moviegoers are more engaged than TV Viewers or social media audience.  They arrive at the movie early and are ready for an immersive experience, enjoying their plush chairs and snacks, eager with anticipation for their movie to start and in the mindset to watch the ads.  Movie theatres are often very quiet too, meaning the ad will be heard as well as seen.  Most moviegoers have a high household income as well, so you can rest assured that your ad is being shown to an audience that is capable of engaging with your brand. Movie attendance is also higher on the weekends, a time when people spend more. On average, your ad will be seen approximately 140 to 280 times per week, which is great exposure!

The price is right

As each local cinema have several screens and different audience capacity, we tailor our pricing to be the best rate for each cinema. Contact us for your cinema’s advertising rate card. You will be surprised with just how affordable cinema advertising is.

Stand Out

We at RMH pride ourselves on helping your business get noticed. We work with you to showcase your business’s story to engage in a whole new way with your audience.

When it comes to implementing cinema advertising for your needs, then you should ensure that you are hiring an experienced media agency like RMH.   We are able to create the right strategy for your needs that can work properly when combined with other methods like print, television and more. You should make sure that you are aware of the advantages that it will have on your business and the company image as well. We know what works best and we are here to help you succeed.