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Retail Media Hub is a one stop shop media agency that is a leader in developing strong campaigns across ALL cinema locations in Australia.

We can target on a local level or a broad national strategy with audience and proximity targeting. With millions of cinema admissions every year, cinema remains a leading media channel for RECALL and engaged audiences.

Retail Media Hub understands where your audiences reside at scale, can assist with best practice creatives and deliver a strong campaign with VALUE on time every time!

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Cinema Advertising

In the realm of marketing, cinema advertising has emerged as a dynamic and influential media channel. As audiences continue to flock to movie cinemas seeking immersive entertainment experiences, businesses have recognized the unique value of advertising on the big screen.

Cinema advertising provides access to a captive audience that is actively seeking entertainment. Moviegoers willingly immerse themselves in the big-screen experience, allowing for undivided attention during pre-show marketing and media. This captive environment eliminates the distractions commonly associated with other advertising and media platforms/channels, ensuring higher levels of engagement and message retention. With a receptive audience eager to be entertained, cinema advertising offers businesses a prime opportunity to captivate viewers with visually stunning and compelling content that resonates long after the movie ends.

At Retail Media Hub, we effectively work with any budget, any timeframe any specifications to deliver your cinema campaign to the right audience at the right time. With a captive audience, powerful storytelling, targeted reach, and amplified brand recall, cinema advertising has become an essential tool in modern marketing and media strategies. Leveraging the cinematic platform allows businesses to make a lasting impact, strengthen brand recognition, and drive business success.

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Cinema Advertising