Cinema Marketing

Cinema Advertising

Why Cinema? When it comes to cost-effective promotional methods which offers a solid return on investment, then cinema advertising is a fantastic option.  Firstly, you can piggyback on the box office success and present your brand to an audience which is ready to consume media as they wait for the movie to start.  Audiences are ready and willing to be…
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Marketing Plans

Why is it important to consider new marketing techniques?

Whether you’re developing a new marketing plan or improving on an old one, it’s essential to consider new marketing techniques. While your marketing strategy may be sound, relying on past tried-and-true methods may not be enough. Before you start creating your 2022 Marketing Plan, you should: Review your 2021 Marketing Plan. Review the channels used. What worked? What didn’t work?…
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Television Advertising

Benefits of Television Advertising

TV advertising is one of the most popular ways to reach a large number of viewers and at an extremely fast rate.  It is highly effective as most people watch TV in their leisure time, which means they are usually giving their full attention to the show and the ads aired. BENEFITS AND ADVANTAGES OF TV ADVERTISING Immediate Credibility Television…
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Digital Advertising

The Power of Programmatic Advertising

So what is Programmatic advertising?  Programmatic advertising is the use of technology to buy digital ads at distressed pricing.  It uses algorithms to execute the buying trends through a public platform and delivers the most effective ads to audiences based on a variety of signals, ie: shopping pattens or searches. Traditional Out-of-Home advertising methods such as billboards can present the…
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Billboard Advertising

‘Lead the Pack’ – Large Format Billboards

Commanding attention in the country’s best and busiest locations, the ability to elevate brands and drive credibility with geographically targeted large format billboards. Large Format Billboards are a powerful and influential decision-making tool for a consumer especially regarding their brand recognition. The eye-catching displays are presented in both static and digital formats with the ability to entice all prospected target…
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Letterbox Distribution

Flyer & Catalogue Delivery

“No other media compares with the reach of letterbox marketing. Increased housing, population and strong letterbox distribution throughout metro and regional Australia have been key contributing factors in ensuring catalogue readership performs well.” (2019) Targeted Media Solutions Increasingly all advertisers are looking for better targeting of their audiences and hence less wastage in their media placement across all verticals. …
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TV Advertising

Traditional Advertising

Thanks to the large variety found in traditional advertising, it still plays a major role in getting businesses in touch with consumers, and is often the best choice for a campaign. Television Here at Retail Media Hub, our team are experts at planning and buying television campaigns for any industry and on any network, including national networks and subscription TV.…
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Digital Marketing

Online Advertising

In today’s world, no campaign is complete without embracing internet marketing, from your website to social media and online advertising strategies. Adwords/Pay Per Click Advertising An AdWords account is an extremely valuable asset to any business. However, many businesses aren’t sure how to properly manage their account, if they even have one at all. Retail Media Hub can take the…
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Digital Advertising

Social Media

With 17 million Australians active social media users in Australia (Hootsuite, 2018) taking advantage of everything social media has to offer your business is essential if you want to succeed and stay ahead of your competition. Our team here at Retail Media Hub can help you with every step of your businesses social media journey, regardless of the size of…
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Retail Marketing

Retail Management

Visual Merchandising. Response and ROI analytics. Point of Sale. Shop window displays. Sampling and experiential marketing. Mystery Shopping. Retail stunts and gorilla type activations. Satellite shops / casual leasing / pop up shops. Casual staffing and models including apparel and merchandise. Street media including billboard posters and mobile staff activations. Customer acquisition and retention strategies. Call Centre implementation and management.
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