Flyer & Catalogue Delivery

Letterbox Distribution

“No other media compares with the reach of letterbox marketing. Increased housing, population and strong letterbox distribution throughout metro and regional Australia have been key contributing factors in ensuring catalogue readership performs well.” (2019)

Targeted Media Solutions

Increasingly all advertisers are looking for better targeting of their audiences and hence less wastage in their media placement across all verticals.  Letterbox drops are no exception !

By the use of intelligent analytics, data driven decisions based on best practice data sources including Roy Morgan and Mosiac including Census data + proprietary mapping and other door to door intel on customer segments, profiling and hence ability to target these establishes profiles on a granular level is now a sophisticated system Retail Media Hub prides itself on delivering to its clients.

Combined with smart online analytics, geo fencing and using mobile longitude and latitude targeting for example and search and social strategies all co-aligned with targeting letter box strategies as above – your next letter box distribution campaign with RMH will generate a more powerful ROI, gain wide customer reach and traction of the targeted audience and hence with the positive result, make letterbox distribution again a great option for your business with our approach.

Distribution Methods

RMH can navigate with your business on the best option available from the various distribution tactics available to homes, units, businesses and even sampling in-malls and busy street locations and train station!  There is several options available all with different pro’s and con’s and RMH is the best equipped to ensure you make the right decision for your next distribution campaign whether it’s a flyer, catalogue, sample or custom article.

Options available are:

Australia Post UAM (unaddressed mail) using geo zoning and profiles with an Australia Post employee to deliver your article.   Guaranteed delivery every time and highly credible. Ability to target residential and commercial (business) locations.
“Australia Post can give you access to up to 11.3 million letterboxes for community notices or up to 8.6 million letterboxes for other advertising…”*

“83% of people take the catalogues, flyers and brochures they receive with normal addressed mail into the house.”*

Australia Post addressed article using first party databases or external second party verified data (which RMH can also source via various data partners including Prospect Shop and Impact List)  self addressed with the recipients detail on the mail piece – enveloped or adhesive labelled.   Higher cost but highly targeted effective method of direct mail.
“Address data is based on fact, not assumptions, and is updated regularly. This helps you to reduce advertising wastage, by printing only the quantities you need.”*

The more mass approach at significantly lower costs as bulk mail to the household Australia wide using our preferred supplier partnerships of Salmat, PMP and Reach Media in New Zealand.   Flyers of a variety of sizes and stock weights are possible here + catalogues from a 4pp to 64pp plus more custom jobs like magnets, stickers, samples etc.
Benefits of this approach other than significantly less cost than the Australia Post options are the ability to use data targeting (internal and external) to hit your audience far more effectively and efficiently using data profiles like Roy Morgan, Census, Mosiac etc.   Geo zones are possible down to CCD level also so combined with this level of audience overlays, we can target your customer very accurately = a greater ROI for your next campaign with RMH.

* Source: Australia Post 2018

Sampling and Promotions

If your next campaign is more customised and requiring a tailored approach, then RMH can offer the best solutions for you! With our extensive network of suppliers and partners covering all areas of sampling, promotions, walkers, events and other ambient media tactics and experiential activities – we literally cover all areas here!

Some key areas of coverage in more detail include the following :

In Mall Sampling and casual lease holdings – powerful strategy to target grocery buyers and shoppers strategically located in high traffic locations. Great for showcasing new products, sign ups for a promotion, handing out samples, product research and customer engagement.

Promotional Staff/ Models and contract walkers – Via our partner Edge Models, delivering professional ladies and guys to promote your product dressed to appealing branded apparel (if you wish) as highly engaged individuals which literally “stop traffic!” If you need a campaign to be seen and on brand and gain lots of eyeballs and interactions, it’s a great tactic with Retail Media Hub. Events, street sampling, in-malls, busy precincts, beach areas etc – we have it covered !

Product Sampling – By using some of the tactics above, you may also need the product as a sample in a flyer or product form – well Retail Media Hub also can also deliver on this requirement! We can use off shore and local suppliers to produce the article and implement various options of execution to get this article into YOUR customers hands! Innovative ideas is also what Retail Media Hub always deliver, so once we understand a customers strategy and objectives can deliver from a wide range of options to deliver your desired outcome – from human billboards, ambient and gorilla marketing tactics – to even more extreme ideas like air media with a plane flyer over, with models on the ground at Bondi Beach, we can deliver !