‘Lead the Pack’ – Large Format Billboards

Billboard Advertising

Commanding attention in the country’s best and busiest locations, the ability to elevate brands and drive credibility with geographically targeted large format billboards.

Large Format Billboards are a powerful and influential decision-making tool for a consumer especially regarding their brand recognition. The eye-catching displays are presented in both static and digital formats with the ability to entice all prospected target consumers to your brand.

Why does Outdoor work?

  1. Geographically Visible
    Billboards are strategically placed along major arterial roads and highways. It is undoubtedly evident that individuals commuting via the roads will view your ad. The large format is eye-catching and captures the attention of all who pass the billboard.
  2. Your Ad is Working Overtime!
    The ad has constant exposure – no other media allows your message to be displayed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! If done right, billboard advertising is a powerful tool in attracting more customers as frequency and repetition are the key areas that outdoor advertising provides!
  3. Builds brand awareness
    Large Format Billboards are incredibly powerful at building brand awareness. Individuals are able to not only view the billboard campaign multiple times in passing but associate the visual cues with the brand and products. It gives great potential to deep dive further into your brand and its product offerings.
  4. Targets a broad range of customers
    Instead of spending extra time and money identifying and researching niche target audiences, a billboard allows you to reach a large part of the diverse general population and attract a variety of demographics. It also brings the customer to you, including ones you may not have expected would be interested in your company.
  5. Billboards are not intrusive
    For many people, other media channels tend to interrupt viewing segments are not exactly welcomed, however billboards don’t interrupt anyone’s entertainment. They are more welcomed as it is less intrusive to those viewing them. This of course leaves a positive impression of your brand.

At Retail Media Hub, we tap into all possible outdoor opportunities with the biggest campaigns via the prospected Large Format Billboards. We are able to drive your message further, commanding the attention of any individual who passes your campaign. If you would like to deep dive into this opportunity further, please contact us now!