Online Advertising

Digital Marketing

In today’s world, no campaign is complete without embracing internet marketing, from your website to social media and online advertising strategies.

Adwords/Pay Per Click Advertising

An AdWords account is an extremely valuable asset to any business. However, many businesses aren’t sure how to properly manage their account, if they even have one at all. Retail Media Hub can take the stress off by creating and/or managing your account for you, allowing you to lower your advertising costs and increase profits.

Display Banners

Getting started with display advertising can be daunting, thanks to the large number of sites offering advertising opportunities making it difficult to know where to start and which sites will give you the best ROI.

That’s why the Retail Media Hub team is here. With access to advertising on every site, and extensive knowledge of the digital space and what rates you should be paying, our focus is on making sure your ad reaches and sell to your market!

Because we know digital advertising back to front, we can recommend a display campaign that meets your objects and provides you with the best returns. We can also provide you with a highly detailed and accurate post campaign report thanks to the highly measureable nature of the medium.


Due to the rise of online video, it’s no longer possible to rely on all your targeted eyeballs watching only traditional broadcast television, with audiences increasingly wanting to watch video content and programming where and when they want. An online digital campaign has therefore become a necessity, with today’s audience consuming content on digital devices more and more every day.

This is a market that is rapidly changing and evolving, with an array formats, options and media buying methods. One common solution is a pre-roll ad, which is an advertisement that plays before content the user wants to view. Pre-rolls, which are often repurposed TV ads that are sometimes shortened can be very effective, but aren’t the only option.

The Retail Medium Hub team will evaluate your brand and objectives to come up with the best video solution for your business. This can be isolated via a YouTube campaign or a more diverse audience targeted buy across a DSP into a wide array of video properties.

By using iVideo as one of your media solutions, you will benefit from:

  • The ability to leverage film assets to drive production cost.
  • Targeting Capabilities – demo, affinity, time of day, contextual behavioural and keywords.
  • Capitalise on the rise of catch up TV.
  • Easy to measure results.
  • Less competitive clutter in pre-rolls.

Website Creative

Ensuring your creative messaging and brand identity are right is essential when building your website, and if its leads you want, then it also must convert to sales! Your website is often the first place your target market looks, and the information you provide them on it will determine the how likely they are to contact you and/or purchase your product. To be successful, it needs to cut through the clutter to stand out from your competitors, be easy to navigate and have an appropriate call to action!

Having worked extensively on websites, our creative team is well versed in knowing how to make your product/service sell! We offer advice and recommendations on both new and existing websites that may need to be updated or rebuilt, and we pride ourselves on the end result.

Email Campaigns

Email marketing is great tool in generating new business and building customer loyalty. At Retail Media Hub we’re able to provide you with information about rental lists and different types of EDMs. We can ever look at the cost per lead (CPL).

Retail Media Hub can help with every step of your EDM campaign. This includes assistance with copywriting, design, recommend the best solution to meet your advertising objectives, and provide you with a post campaign report.

Mobile Marketing

With 89% of Australians now owning a smartphone (Deloitte Mobile Consumer Survey, 2018), advertising on mobile has never been more important. Our expert team here at Retail Media Hub can help you navigate this still expanding medium and come up with a campaign that’s right for your business.

Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of online advertising that matches the form and function of the platform on which it appears. For example, an article written by an advertiser to promote their product would appear on a website in the same style as regular articles on the site.

Other formats for native advertising include promotional videos, images, commentary, music, search ads or promoted posts.

Moreover, many companies advertise their content to users based on their search history, with the difference between native advertising and other marketing techniques being such ads can be promoted through social media.

Programmatic Advertising – Display, Video, Native and Audio

A programmatic marketing platform is a newer addition to online marketing that allows for highly targeted campaigns. The most widely available and cost-effective form of programmatic advertising is known as real time bidding (RBT). This is where we use Demand Side Platforms (DSPs) to purchase online ads for clients in real time in an auction style marketplace.

Why is programmatic management effective?

  • It wastes less money on poorly-target impressions or impressions delivered to fulfil a bulk inventory purchase.
  • Allows businesses to move away from broad, segments based buys to finely grained, individual buys.
  • Enhances your knowledge of your ideal customer based on what works for your campaign at an individual impression level.
  • Its more effective at targeted the desired customers across all addressable environments.