The Power of Programmatic Advertising

Digital Advertising

So what is Programmatic advertising? 

Programmatic advertising is the use of technology to buy digital ads at distressed pricing.  It uses algorithms to execute the buying trends through a public platform and delivers the most effective ads to audiences based on a variety of signals, ie: shopping pattens or searches.

Traditional Out-of-Home advertising methods such as billboards can present the same ad for months and enables the advertisers to programmatically target the right audience, the general population who happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Consumers have changed their media consumption and are spending the majority of their time going digital, especially after the pandemic! In conjunction with traditional methods, buyers are now spending additional time on the Internet across excess of screens and mobile devices so digital advertising helps you take your business directly to where your audience is.

The power of programmatic lies in choice and scale.  With Programmatic, the advertiser makes the choice of which ad impressions they want instead of the publisher choosing it for them.  It allows the advertisers to engage more with consumers at different points along the purchasing path, providing the best opportunity to influence purchasing decisions.  Not only does programmatic impact sales, but it also provides insights and analysis on how the ads are performing.  As your programmatic campaign runs, you will have access to real-time reporting of the number of impressions delivered, click throughs, leads through to the buy now page of your website in addition you can pin point the postcodes which have been most receptive to your campaign. This allows the marketers and advertisers to know exactly what is working and what channels are worth investing, which helps to improve conversions and ROI for your business.

The reach and scale of programmatic through public platforms provides more than enough opportunities for brands to reach their targeted audiences beyond the initial publisher or website.

The omnichannel approach of programmatic advertising, which uses the various channels to interact with consumers/targeted audiences who will relevant ads on the products or services they are likely to purchase and create a consistent brand experience rather than randomly advertising to consumers who are unlikely to purchase.

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