Why is it important to consider new marketing techniques?

Marketing Plans

Whether you’re developing a new marketing plan or improving on an old one, it’s essential to consider new marketing techniques. While your marketing strategy may be sound, relying on past tried-and-true methods may not be enough.

Before you start creating your 2022 Marketing Plan, you should:

  1. Review your 2021 Marketing Plan. Review the channels used. What worked? What didn’t work? Did you achieve your goals? etc.  Reviewing your previous years marketing plan and performance, will help you to make better marketing decisions for the following year.
  2. Set your goals for 2022 – Look at what you need to continue to do or start doing, in order to meet your goals for the year. Learning from the past is the key to making positive changes to your marketing strategy moving forward.
  3. Chose the right channels – Determine ‘WHAT’ are the best marketing strategies to reach your target audience and ‘HOW’ these marketing strategies will work best for your business.
  4. Set a realistic budget – Creating your annual budget is critical to reaching your goals. Try to divide your budget per channel to ensure you have the optimal amount in the marketing budget based on your objectives.
  5. Choose the right marketing agency to work with your business – They need to be a good fit and mesh with your personality. They need to see your company vision and be able to execute your ideas with ease!

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