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Billboard Advertising

Across all formats, all sizes and all markets across Australia – Retail Media Hub prides itself being the leading outdoor solution agency with the greatest choice and value for your business, in this leading advertising channel that is results driven! Nothing beats a high impact, large format billboard, right in your face that you simply cannot miss or a bus side panel staring at you on the sidewalk or whilst sitting in traffic.

Outdoor and Billboard advertising is high impact = high recall = results!  

Outdoor options are enormous with so much choice across all the formats, media owners and locations available. There are literally thousands of options available! This is why Retail Media Hub not only delivers across all options available, it’s all in the one place and with our buying power across all options, we wont be beaten on value!

You always deal with a personal outdoor expert at Retail Media Hub, who knows the game like no other! With so many years of experience and vested long term relationships in place with all the large and smaller media owners Australia wide, we can access any site for you, anytime, at leading rates!

You may think of outdoor / out of home billboard advertising as only large billboards or bus ads – but it’s so much more! This is what Retail Media Hub can cover, to customise an outdoor media solution for you.

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Billboard Advertising


Large format, small format, digital billboards, static billboards, bus shelters, high impact custom billboards and so much more, we cover them all. We represent, as a premium partner, across all leading vendors in Australia and New Zealand including :

  • JC Decaux, oOH Media, QMS, EI Media, Alliance.
  • Claude, Civic Outdoor, GOA, Gawk Outdoor, Shout Media


Transit advertising across various formats is a great way of getting your message across multiple eyeballs and locations, all under the one buy, maximising reach. There are so many formats and choices on exposure, it’s proven to be an effective outdoor strategy.

Buses are by far the most popular type of transit advertising. Bus advertising (bus ads) can be on the side or rear in a small and large format design (e.g. megaside and full back designs) and even inside the bus!

In addition to transit ads, you can run outdoor advertising on trams (tram advertising), trains, ferries, taxi’s and even mobile billboards (truck ads) and scooters!  If you really want high impact, you can buy all the panels on a light rail train or wrap a bus (bus wraps)!

Retail Media Hub are leaders in all things transit bus / train / tram / other advertising. Media partners including JC Decaux, Go Transit, Torch Media, Ads on Wheels, Moove Media and many others are all premium partners with Retail Media Hub.


This is where outdoor advertising really opens up to so many options that can be extremely targeted at consumers and audiences you really want to penetrate, directly and specifically. To navigate these options without a specialised agency like Retail Media Hub can be extremely difficult – we take all that hassle away! The formats of such outdoor advertising formats are wide and plentiful. Some of the key formats include:

  • Bus Shelter ads, Street Furniture, Small Format outdoor ads.
  • Airport advertising – internal and external, domestic and international airports.
  • Rail, railway station’s digital and static billboards and video ads.
  • Retail, in-mall, shopping centre ads, Westfield, Stockland and other shopping centres with digital panels e.g. Shopalites and static billboards inside the centre and even in the carparks + larger format digital stunts like Atrium activations and shopping centre sampling. Retail media Hub covers it all.

We access the greatest value and choice across all leading outdoor vendors such as Westfield, oOH Media, Cartology / Shopper, Claude, Val Morgan Outdoor, Media Planet, Stocklands and many more.. .

We access EVERY BILLBOARD nationally from every supplier all in one place.

We access exclusive distress inventory to offer the LOWEST RATES GUARANTEED on all sites available!

We use best practice planning and strategy tools to find your OUTDOOR AUDIENCE Australia Wide cost effectively.

We value SPEED TO MARKET, if you need to be live on a campaign in 24 hrs – WE CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN!

In an increasingly digital world, outdoor advertising and media continues to hold immense value in the realm of marketing. Outdoor (OOH) billboards, bus shelters, buses and transit advertising offer unique advantages that enable businesses to effectively capture attention, reinforce brand messaging, and engage with a diverse audience. Out of Home (OOH) advertising connects advertisers with audiences at location, driving impact, awareness, and conversion. The Unmissable advertising: Outdoor billboards, bus shelters, buses and transit can’t be muted, blocked, switched off or skipped.

At Retail Media Hub, we effectively work with any budget, any timeframe any specifications to deliver your outdoor (OOH) billboards, bus shelters, buses, and transit advertising to the right audience at the right time.

Outdoor billboards, bus shelters, and transit advertising offer undeniable marketing and media advantages. Their wide audience reach, targeted capabilities, non-intrusive nature, and extended exposure make them indispensable tools in modern marketing strategies. Integrating these outdoor advertisements, media and marketing into comprehensive marketing campaigns can amplify brand visibility, engage diverse audiences, and drive business growth.

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